Fun Sites

Fun Sites

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Physicaless Exercise - The ultimate exercise program! :o)

PassThisOn - A collection of the greatest fun sites to pass on to your friends.

Virtual Stock Exchange - Join the 250,000 traders of all levels who use our free service to hone their investing skills. By making virtual trades using real securities, you'll learn about the market and compete for cool prizes.

Hollywood Stock Exchange - Buy and sell virtual movie stocks.

Good4ASmile - Lots of fun stuff here. Pages that you can send to friends and loved ones, a mailing list and lots more. Check them out!

Neopets - Online virtual pet adoption site. Adopt little creatures, play with them, feed them, play games, chat with other Neopet owners and more! Check it out.

CyberSafari 2000 - This site is both fun and educational for the kids. It teaches safe surfing on the internet, has teacher links, fun ideas, etc. This site is a must try for kids. Great for homeschoolers also!

The Friendship Bracelet - A page to make a wish and send to your friends.

Cartoon Network - Check up on your favorite Cartoon Network shows, request new shows, play games and more. A definite fun site for children.

Barnum and Bailey - Read all about the most popular circus ever. Play games and more fun stuff for everyone.

The Site Fights - Vote for your favorite site at this really great site.

Bram's LEGOSite - This is a MUST see! Build virtual LEGO models.

Like A Rose - A Send4Fun site. Send this rose to all your friends.

Urban Legends and Folklore - Ever receive an e-mail about someone loosing their kidney because someone drugged them and then took it? Before passing on ANY email (even those sent by good friends, who you just KNOW would never send you anything that isn't true) go to this site and check it out. MOST of the emails about things like this are not true. They are just urban legends. So check it out first before filling up all the mailboxes of your friends.

Shoppers Anonymous - For all those internet shopping junkies out there! - This is a very large site that contains the biographies just about everyone. Find out who shares your birthday.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - I think everyone knows what the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is. Go see all about your favorite singers. Tons of fun things to see and do here.

Galileo - This is a very interesting site. Learn about Jupiter. Lots of pictures.

Scholastic - Lots of fun stuff to do on this site.

Resignation - This is a really cute site on the life of an adult that wants to be 8 years old again. The page takes a little time to load, but well worth the wait.

Places of Peace and Power - This web site discusses anthropologist and photographer Martin Gray's pilgrimage journeys, features many of his photographs and writings, lists calendar details of upcoming slide shows, gives information regarding book and photograph orders, and has links to related sites. This is a very interesting site.

Jelly Belly - Find out all about the Jelly Belly jelly beans candy. They have recipes, a club, and give away 600 free samples a day.

The Lemonade Stand - This is a game that teaches the basics of supply and demand. Your challenge is to run a corner lemonade stand and try to make a profit doing it. This sounds really neat for the kids to learn about running their own business.

Drinkmail - Free e-postcards and e-cards.


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