Please read my terms carefully before bidding or contacting me about a trade. Thanks!

Auction Terms


1. There are no reserves on any of my auctions.

2. I reserve the right to cancel any bids from those with more negative feedback then positive, or those with any negative feedback dealing with payment. I also reserve the right to amend any terms for any reason at any time.

3. The clothes I sell are all used clothing in excellent condition unless otherwise noted in the description. I only sell clothing that have plenty of wear left in them and are of gift giving quality. I do sometimes, however, list clothing with minor flaws and they will be stated in the description. The videos I sell are previously viewed movies, unless otherwise noted.


1. I accept money order, cashiers check, PayPal, and personal checks. Personal checks are accepted ONLY from those with 25 feedback or more, and no negative feedbacks dealing with payment. If a check is returned to me, there will be a $20 charge and winner will have 7 days to clear the matter up with a money order, cashiers check or PayPal, otherwise the proper authorities will be notified.

2. Payment MUST be received within 14 working days of close of auction or item will be re-listed and eBay is contacted for nonpayment.


1. I ship all auctions via Priority Mail once a week, usually on Thursdays.

2. Winner pays shipping of $4.50, depending on weight. I will not be held responsible for uninsured items, so I advise you to request insurance at $1.10 extra. I will NOT add insurance unless you request and pay for it.

3. I ship all clothing with a dryer sheet to keep the clothing smelling fresh. If you are allergic, have asthma or otherwise do not want the dryer sheet added please let me know.

4. I will be more than happy to combine shipping if you win more then one auction, if you have bids on other auctions and wish for me to hold items, please let me know.

If you have any questions about any of these terms please email me at


Trade Terms

1. Each person pays their own postage.
2. If this is your first time trading with me, I request that you send first.
3. I send out my end of the trade once a week, usually on Thursdays, but it could be as late as Saturday.
4. What you think is fair and what I think is fair could be two different things, so you must be flexible in what you feel is fair, as I will always do the same.
5. Please consider postage costs when trading.
6. I allow one month for trade to be completed, then I report to the bad traders/swappers lists. If you are having a problem, please let me know. I am a reasonable person and understand that things come up.
7. I reserve the right to amend these terms at any time, for any reason.


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