Marian's Tradable's

Marian's Tradable's


Do you have a bunch of "treasures" that you no longer want, but know there is someone out there that would like the stuff? Or maybe you think all those little treasures you have are nothing but trash. Well, STOP!! Don't throw that stuff away. There are plenty of people out there that would love to have that stuff. Trading is an excellent way to get rid of the things that you don't want and get things that you do! Below you will find a list of things I have for trade along with a list of things I would like in return. Of course, my wish list doesn't even come close to listing everything I am willing to except for a trade, so don't be to shy to suggest something. Better yet, email me a list of things you have up for trade! Before beginning a trade, please read my trading terms, listed here. After you've done that and you would like to work out a trade with me, please email me with what you would like from one of my trade lists along with what you have to offer. Let the trading begin!

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If you have something that is similar to something listed here, let me know, in most cases I will take it. Iím really easy to swap with. :o) I know this is a lot, but I have a large family. :o) Anything marked with a * I desperately need.

My Wish List


Pagan/Wiccan - let me know what you have                            Spiral notebooks - college ruled 
Star Trek books - let me know what you have                        Blank Journals
Any books on herbs - growing, drying, etc.


Womenís jeans - size 3/4                                                            Womenís dresses - small size and 2X-3X, 24W
Menís jeans - size 34X30                                                           Menís shirts - medium, xlarge
JNCO clothing for my teen son, size med./34X32                    Any trendy clothing for my teen son
Boys clothing - size 10-12 pants, med & large shirts                Little boys clothing - size 5
Menís socks Boys socks                                                            ***Womenís socks - not ankle socks***
Any "different" clothing for men, women and children, any size.
Cloak - let me know what you have to offer, must be able to see a picture, and I would be willing to trade generously for this.

Craft Supplies

Glitter                                                                                            Glitter dust


Herbal Teas - any                                                                         Certain herb & veggie seeds
Homemade canned food - preserves, jellies, etc.                        Herbs - just about any
Cooking spices Coffee                                                                   Cake Mixes 
Any homemade goodies

Health & Beauty

Beautiful perfume                                                                            Curve perfume
Suave shower/body liquid soap for men                                          Herbal Essences shower/body liquid soap
Bath & Body Works - any                                                               Body glitter
Lipstick/gloss - light colors, well...not to dark                                Tylenol PM
Menís deodorant - any                                                                    Nicorette Gum
Womenís deodorant - any                                                                Band-aids
V05 Shampoo & Conditioner                                                           Pert Shampoo
Herbal Essence Shampoo & Conditioner                                        Toothbrushes

Household Stuff

***Towels - any as long as they have a bunch of wear left***      Wooden Spoons
Sponges/scrubbies                                                                             Paper Towels
***Trash bags***                                                                             ***Silverware***
Queen Size Sheets                                                                             Plastic containers with lids
Baking pans


Pagan/Wiccan/Gothic - silver, let me know what you have

Mailing/Stationery Supplies

Self-stick laminating paper                                                              Stationery
Wide clear tape                                                                                #10 envelopes
Sanrio Stuff - stationery, etc. not toys                                            Heavy/thick wrapping paper - any design
Double sided tape                                                                            Manila Envelopes
Hello Kitty - any                                                                              Blank address labels
Pens                                                                                                  Unused Stamps
Notepads                                                                                          Notebook filler paper
Postcards with maps on them                                                          Scotch Tape
Blank paper for printer/copier                                                        ***Pencils***
Greeting Card Envelopes


Faeries - anything                                                                            Ziploc bags - any size
NASCAR stuff                                                                                 Xerox Docuprint M Series ink for printer
Anything with clowns on it

Movies, Music

***DVDís - let me know what you have***                                  Stevie Nicks - let me know what you have
VHS blank tapes                                                                              The Fog - VHS movie
The Thing - VHS movie                                                                   Snow Day - VHS movie
50ís & 60ís cassettes                                                                       CD-RW blank CDís

Other Supplies

Candles Essential Oils - any, let me know what you have             Potpourri  -  any
Crystals/gemstones - any                                                                 censers/incense burners
candle holders


Certain Barbieís and Barbie Stuff - let me know                            ***Pokemon - anything***
N64 games                                                                                         ***Digimon - anything***
Doll House - still in box                                                                     Doll House accessories
***Baby toys for year old baby***


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