My Misc. Trade Items


Misc. Stuff For Trade

This is a list of the miscellaneous things I have. I will be adding to this later. If you see something you would like more information on, please email me. Before entering into a trade please read my trading terms. Thanks!

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1. Mini antique water pitcher and bowl. This is a replica, of course. Really cute.
2. Set of two Aroma Therapy candles. Inspiration (Jasmine) and Romance (Rose Bouquet). These are 2.5 oz. each.
3. Traded
4. Calgon samples of bubble bath and body lotion. A cute little plastic penguin is holding the bottles. Still in shrink wrap.
5. A state of Texas collectors plate.
6. 2X3 inch oval brass picture frame. Needs polishing.
7. Louisiana collectors plate. Small.
8. Unopened package of Family Circles Family Weekend Crafts. Not sure how many are here but it also comes with a couple of patterns.
9. 3X3.5 inch picture frame. This has roses on top and bottom. Very cute.
10. Black leather Harley Davidson cigarette case. The little loop on the back looks like it was chewed on a little. Don’t ask...have no idea why or by who/what. Still looks like new.
11. Painted wooden “T”. It has a face on it. Cute.
12. Unopened bath gift basket. Has 8 oz. body lotion, 1.5oz bath cube and body scrubbie.
13. Round white wicker basket with purple flowers.
14. 2 plastic heart shaped cookie cutters. Still in package.
15. Cassette tape holder. Double sided. Each side holds up to 48 cassettes. Grey and has a stain on the bottom. Used, but still has lots of use left in it.
16. Wooden wall hanging candle holder. Back shaped like a heart.
17. Unopened set of soap golf balls. They are sitting in a wooden crate.
18. Box of Avon’s Anew Perfecting Complex For Face. 9 samples.
19. Small brass mirror in a cloth drawstring bag. Needs polishing.


1. Traded
2. Book of 7 Iron On designs for children. There were 8, but one was taken out.
3. Unopened package of a Loop Embroidery Tool. I have no idea what this is, but I’m sure someone does.
4. Traded
5. Traded
6. Oval loop for needle crafts.
7. 8 3X3 inch plastic canvas squares.
8. Iron On transfer of 5 pigs in a wooden barrel taking a bath. Says “Hog Wash”. Really cute.
9. Wood patterns. This is a booklet of 12 different designs you can make with small wooden pieces.
10. Book of 8 plastic canvas coaster ideas.
11. Wall stencil of flowers and ribbons. New still in package.
12. Pre-shaded iron on transfer that you paint after ironing on. This a flamingo. New in package.
13. Traded
14. Traded
15. Traded
16. Traded
17. Traded
18. Traded
19. Traded
20. Traded
21. Traded
22. Traded
23. Traded
24. Traded
25. Traded
26. One sheet of 7 mesh plastic canvas. Black.
27. Pre-shaded iron on transfer. Two bunnies.
28. Pre-shaded iron on transfer. Two kitties.
29. Pre-shaded iron on transfer. Three bears. This one is really cute.


1. A stuffed Tommy doll from the Rugrats. This has been loved, but still in ok condition.
2. Stuffed Chihuahua dog.
3. Stuffed ivory teddy bear. Looks new except there is a small patch of fur gone on the inside of one leg.
4. Stuffed teddy bear with poseable arms and legs. Has a couple of small spots.
5. The Fox and the Hound stuff Cooper dog. Has spot on back.
6. Small stuffed white bunny. Has blue scarf that says “Squaw Valley” around it’s neck. Small rip in foot.

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