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                Win a Computer for FREE         - Win a computer.

Photo Folios - Holidays and Celebrations! We know you will enjoy using this folio of photographic images with The Print Shop Deluxe, The Print Shop Deluxe Companion, The Print Shop Deluxe CD Ensemble, The Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble II, or any other application which accepts Windows BMP files. A festive collection of 100 professionally photographed images.

411hightech The Computer Supersite - Everything for your high-tech needs, computers, software, internet.

Looney Tunes Daily Desktop - Give your computer a sense of humor. LOL at your agenda. Giggle at a daily comic strip. Snicker at each to-do list. Chuckle at your sticky notes. Best of all, working on a network, throw water balloons at each other's desktops.

Trial Pack - Free HP Professional Brochure and Flyer Paper.

FreeDSL - Get a free DSL account and speed up your surfing.

100% Free USA ISP's - A big listing of ISP's that are free.

Kodak Inkjet Products - A free sample pack of paper. This is only for those with a Kodak digital camera. They ask for the model number and serial number.

3com - Giving away free t-shirts to those that have bought 3com PC cards and are willing to answer few questions. - Get 50 Dollars IN COUPONS when you Grab the Gator! Tired of filling out forms? Tired of forgetting passwords? You need Gator! Gator is free software that does the typing for you. Gator eliminates frustrating web chores like filling out forms and remembering passwords. Best of all, it's polite: When you hit a web page with a form or account name & password, Gator surfaces to provide the exact information with no typing! It takes only 3 minutes to download at 56K! Gator also comes with in FREE COUPONS!

Internet Explorer 5.0 - Free CD.

Plopmail - Free web-based email and more! Why use when you can use


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